Daniel Wilner: "Working Mom" Film Project

We are thrilled to share the release of Daniel Wilner's (Quebec & Brasenose 2007) short film about women and work-life balance, entitled "Working Mom". A description of the film, according to Daniel's website, is below:

"Even as the Western world has moved further towards gender equality, studies show that working women in two-income households still take on a disproportionate amount of the parenting chore - 'the daily, routine jobs that never feel finished' in the words of The Economist magazine. Working Mom traces two mornings and one evening in the life of one such woman, Gill, as she cares for her two young boys while her husband is away on business. Chronicling Gill from the first waking minutes of her day to the last, the Canadian director Daniel Wilner shows in the most intimate way what a mother's work at home really is - an endless fugue of exhaustion and magic, demanding a mule's stamina and a saint's patience. Yet, despite the prodigious efforts of working mothers, they are still overlooked, socially and economically". 

"Working Mom" is 12 minutes in length, and can be viewed here. What are your thoughts and impressions?