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This section lists publications supported or based on evidence collected by the Rhodes Project. 

Book Chapters

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Rudy, Susan. 2014. Women who invite collaboration: Caroline Bergvall, Erín Moure et al.  In Generations: Canadian Women's Writing / Générations: écritures des femmes du Canada. Eds. Marie Carrière and Pat Demers. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press. 21-38

Rudy, Susan and Lynette Hunter. 2014. Labour Notes for “Bodies in Trouble.” In Disunified Aesthetics: Situated Textuality, Performativity, Collaboration (2014). Montreal: McGill University Press, 115-146.


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Rudy, Susan. 2015. 'Who do they think I am?':  The Rhodes Project speaks with leading female surgeon Jyoti Shah about women's resilience. The Rhodes Project Blog. [17 November 2015]

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Rudy, Susan. 2014. The Rhodes Project: Celebrating many versions of what women can be.  Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog. [25 November 2014] 

Rudy, Susan and Kate Blackmon. 2014. ‘I wish I’d had a female mentor’: what Rhodes Scholars say about the lack of change for women. The Rhodes Project Blog. [9 October 2014]


Debate at the Oxford Union                                        As part of the November 2015 Power Shift: Women and Markets Conference at Said Business School, University of Oxford, Susan Rudy appeared as a member of the winning team that argued against the proposition that feminism needs to be rebranded.  

LGBTs in the Workplace Symposium, Halifax.  Kate Blackmon and Susan Rudy's paper "Work-life balance: including lesbian perspectives" was featured in a June 2015 panel on LGBTs in the Workplace at the Rowe School of Business at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The symposium was organized by the Gender and Diversity in Organisations Division of the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada. The paper takes into consideration the under-researched perspectives of lesbians on work-life balance by comparing and contrasting the work-life identity narratives of lesbian and heterosexual women Rhodes Scholars.

Rhodes House, Oxford.                                              During an informal brown bag lunch on 23 January 2015, Kate Blackmon and Susan Rudy met with the Warden and more than thirty Rhodes Scholars to share their preliminary findings based on analyses of interviews, focus groups, and surveys collected by the Rhodes Project from the Rhodes Scholarship's first cohort of women, elected 1977-1982. Their presentation, entitled “Leading Women: What do the stories of the earliest Rhodes women tell us?”, was organised by Joanne Cave and Tara Paterson, facilitators of the Rhodes Women group in Oxford.  For more information about Rhodes Women please click here.

European Group for Organisation Studies 2014     At the 2014 meeting of EGOS in Rotterdam in July 2014, Kate Blackmon and Susan Rudy's paper "Personal versus professional identities in the careers of Women Rhodes Scholars, 1977-1982" was presented in the sub-theme "Beyond the Mainstream: Careers of Special Groups."  For more information about EGOS please click here

Merton College Fellows, Oxford
In October 2013, Kate Blackmon delivered a presentation entitled “Leading Women: Women Rhodes Scholars and the (Hypothesised) Gender Gap in Leadership” to her colleagues at Merton College, Oxford.

Academy of Management
In August 2013, Kate Blackmon and Susan Rudy delivered a paper entitled “'And you think you have it all mapped out': Women Rhodes Scholars' Work-Life Identity Narratives" at a Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division session at the 2013 Academy of Management annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

University of Nottingham
In September 2012, Susan Rudy delivered a paper entitled "A Board Room of One's Own? Women Rhodes Scholars and Abundance" at a conference entitled “Feminism in Academia: An Age of Austerity?” organized by the Feminist and Women's Studies Association (UK & Ireland) and the Contemporary Women's Writing Association.


Executive Briefings

Our executive briefings present researchers' findings in a concise and engaging format that will be of interest to general readers as well as to decision makers in government, business, and education.  For hard copy, please contact Susan Rudy or click on the titles below to view.

Working Paper Series
Our Working Papers Series communicate researchers’ findings to interested readers in advance of formal publication.