We welcome contributions to the Rhodes Project blog and invite you to submit a draft post or an idea for a blog at any time. Draft posts will be reviewed and a decision about publication reached within 3 days.


1. How to Contribute

Complete the form on the blog home page, or email the blog editor, or other member of the editorial staff with a draft title and a pitch of no more than 150 words. Your submission will be reviewed and any comments or suggestions for revision communicated to you within 3 days. If we decide to proceed with the blog, a date of publication will then be agreed.

We ask that you submit the final draft of your post at least 7 days prior to the agreed date of publication. On this agreed date, we will publish the post and promote it through our channels. (And we invite you to do so as well!)

Note: anyone can submit a post to the editorial team for consideration. However, the Rhodes Project reserves the right to refrain from posting a blog, even if the post has been previously approved. This may happen for a variety of reasons, and a member of the editorial team will explain the rationale in each instance.


2. Content

We look to publish blog posts with a variety of types of content, with a focus on issues of gender and feminism, women's perspectives, and experiences or thought pieces related to women Rhodes Scholars. We welcome a range of formats when exploring these issues, including but not limited to:

  • opinion pieces on current issues and trends related to gender or feminism;
  • creative pieces related to these topics (these can be humorous, satirical, reflective, prosodic, poetic, or any other particular form that sparks your writing);
  • articles based on the experiences of women leaders and scholars, including early lives, time at Oxford, career aspirations and current careers, and (if applicable), their partners and families;
  • responses to content on the Rhodes Project website including previous blogs, working papers, profiles, etc.

Posts should be written in clear and concise language to be accessible for a general audience, avoiding unnecessary jargon and explaining clearly and with references any theories you are using to underpin your writing.


3. Length

Posts should ideally be between 500 and 1,000 words long. We will also take shorter creative or reflective pieces into consideration. If you would like to write a longer post, please discuss this with your contact at the Rhodes Project for consideration. We are committed to providing accessible content, and we reserve the right to edit blogs to make them more concise and accessible. 


4. References

Please use hyperlinks rather than footnotes to refer to any relevant sources.


5. Dialogue and Promotion

Please keep an eye on your posts' page: we hope others will engage, and encourage you to consider the comments engage in debate around your contribution. You can find our comments policy here.

If you work on issues relating to women and gender and/or are a woman Rhodes Scholar, we invite submissions on your work or related events to support these efforts. Please submit this information with the subject line "Boost: [short topic line on issue/event/etc.]", and if time sensitive, please include "Urgent" in the subject line. We aim to get back to you in three to five days.

Note that while we will do our best to support your efforts through one or more of our media channels, we will do so at our discretion and reserve the right to refrain from posting if we deem it appropriate.


6. Cross-Posting

We want to see both your and our work reach a wide audience, so we are committed to facilitating cross-posts from the Rhodes Project Blog to other major outlets if you are interested. Please indicate interest when submitting, or get in touch with the Blog Editor about your post to look into cross-posting.

If you wish to pursue this on your own, please obtain permission from a Rhodes Project staff member before cross-posting your article on another website.


7. Contributor's Agreement

By submitting a post to our blog, contributors guarantee that blogs are a product of their own work and previously unpublished. Contributors also agree to permit the Rhodes Project to use their posts, with full attribution but without further consent, on a non-commercial basis in online and offline publications.