Feminist Reader: October 2016


After a brief hiatus, we are excited to bring back the Feminist Reader, a collection of the top stories in the news about gender, women, and feminism. Each month, the Rhodes Project publishes a selection of articles that approach issues of gender and feminism from informed, opinionated and novel angles.  Visit the Feminist Reader to find out about women’s responses to current challenges and catch up on gender-related news from around the world. If you have a piece you would like added to the Feminist Reader, contact Helen Caldwell at hcaldwell@rhodesproject.com

In the news:

Women who want to be doctors speak out about the sexual harassment they experience in their profession.

In American politics, Donald Trump made waves with his latest comments about how he views and treats women - and women responded with their own stories of sexual harassment and resilience.

We all know about the glass ceiling women experience in their careers - but what about the glass cliff? Might this be another barrier to women at the top?

Getting more women in startups may help increase the number of female CEOs in the future.

See this useful resource guide for gender bias in the academe, an annotated bibliography of recent studies.

Findings of a recent study suggest that UK girls and young women have experienced a decline in body confidence over the past five years.

This thoughtful piece explores the psychology of victim-blaming and considers how coverage of a story might increase the likelihood that victim-blaming will occur.

Women at the White House have developed a strategy to fight "manterrupting," ensuring that more of their female colleagues' voices are heard.