Good Lad Initiative seeks full-time chief executive officer

The Good Lad Initiative is a not-for-profit organisation based in Oxford. It promotes "positive masculinity" amongst men as a way of tackling complex gender situations. It does this, primarily, through running workshops, delivered by men for men. Utilising contemporary social intervention research, they speak to men as agents of positive change, rather than simply as potential perpetrators, and challenge them to change behaviours and attitudes within their own peer groups. This work is complemented by  ongoing consultation and engagement with women across the country

Founded in 2013, the Good Lad Initiative has grown exponentially, running over 70 workshops with approximately a 1000 participants in 2015, across 20 different school, university and civil society organisations. They have been featured in numerous media pieces  including Sky News, The Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian, BBC television, BBC Radio and Die Zeit. They are asked to speak and consult with a number of high profile public policy fora.

The Board of Directors is looking for a CEO, of any gender, with the energy, ambition, vision and leadership to scale GLI into a high profile national organisation, ready to expand internationally. Remuneration is expected to be between £26,000-30,000 per annum for the first year, to be revised as the organisation grows.

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