Feminist Reader: August 2014

Every month the Rhodes Project publishes a list of articles that approach issues of gender and feminism from informed, opinionated and novel angles.  We will provide you with creative and original pieces of journalism about gender from a range of sources –  an accumulation of pieces you won’t find in every news feed – and we’ll do so every month.  Visit Feminist Reader to catch up on gender-related news from around the world and to find out about women’s responses to current challenges. 

Feminist Reader for August 2014

Is it time for an Equal Rights Amendment? Two Yale Law School students make the case.

Men are more likely than women to grind out marathon hours in the office – so, is overwork to blame for the gender gap?

A fashion blogger was asked her favourite position, and she responded: “CEO.” 23 women tell us about their favourite positions.

“I don’t care if you like it.” Rebecca Traister examines a world in which women’s value is still judged by men.

Rhodes Scholar Sagarika Ghose writes about post-World Cup Brazil, and how football represents a return to a pre-feminist world.

Laura Bates, the founder of Everyday Sexism, tackles our society’s desire to police what women eat.

A recent trend has powerful women becoming viral internet sensations. Does this really represent a seismic shift in our culture?

Is “girl-power” advertising good for feminism?