Kate Blackmon becomes first woman Senior Proctor elected from Merton

Photo Credit:  Oxford Student Online  

Photo Credit: Oxford Student Online 


We are delighted to announce that on 19 March 2014 Kate Blackmon was admitted to the post of Senior Proctor at the University of Oxford.  To find out more about the post and to read Kate’s views on what taking on the role of Senior Proctor will mean for her in the coming year, click here.

Since Kate is the first woman to have been elected from Merton College in its 750-year history and the first woman to have been elected to the post at all since 1994, we would like to take this opportunity to recognise Kate and the other three women who have served as Senior Proctors at Oxford.

In 1985, Baroness Ruth Deech was elected from St Anne's. She is a former principal of St Anne's College.

In 1990, Ms Joanna Innes was elected from Somerville. She is a Fellow in History, specialising in the history of ideas.

In 1994, Professor Judith Pallot was elected from Christ Church. She is a Professor of Geography, specialising in the geography of post-Soviet Russia and Eastern Europe.

In 2014, Kate Blackmon was elected from Merton College.  Kate is the Tutor in Management Studies at Merton College and a University Lecturer at the Said School of Business. She specializes in gender and diversity in organizations as well as operations management. 

Since 2012, Kate Blackmon has been providing her expertise to the Rhodes Project and is the co-author (with Susan Rudy) of articles, executive briefings, presentations and a forthcoming book on women Rhodes Scholars.