Feminist Reader: November 2014

Each month the Rhodes Project publishes a selection of articles that approach issues of gender and feminism from informed, opinionated and novel angles.  Visit the Feminist Reader each month to find out about women’s responses to current challenges and catch up on gender-related news from around the world.

Here is this month's selection:

Welcome to the new normal: a 41 year-old single mother-to-be explores changing trends in motherhood.

Slate's Amanda Hess analyses the response to Renee Zellweger's changed appearance.

Rhodes Scholar and clinical embryologist Nicole Krzys criticises the decision of Facebook and Apple to offer egg freezing as an employee benefit.

British artist Grayson Perry takes a closer look at "default man" - the middle class, white men that dominate British life.

Bad Feminist author Roxane Gay argues that we run into trouble when we embrace celebrity feminists while avoiding the real work of feminism.

The US government has historically been biased in favour of men. Read what Rebecca Traister has to say about what this means for women

In a series of articles about childcare provision around the world, Slate takes a look at what it's like to be a mother in Greece.  

One female academic refuses to wear the male uniform.