Dr Olivarius interviews Indian Rhodes Scholars in Delhi and Calcutta

Last week, Dr Ann Olivarius, founder of the Rhodes Project, travelled to Delhi and Calcutta and met with five Rhodes Scholars: Menaka Guruswamy (India & University 1998), Preeti Mann (India & St Cross 1999), Rakhi Mehra (India & Lady Margaret Hall 2001), Anita Mehta (India & St Catherine’s 1978) and Lavanya Rajamani (India & Hertford 1996).   The purpose of the meetings was twofold: to carry out anonymous interviews for research purposes and to prepare public profiles for our website (Click here to view existing profiles).  In both cases we are delighted to have had the opportunity to diversify our subject pool by including more women living outside of North America and Europe. After a hectic week of travelling, Dr Olivarius is back in London, happy to have met another group of talented, lively and engaging women all of whom she hopes to see again at the Rhodes Reunion in Oxford this September.