Leana Wen (Missouri & Merton 2007) featured in The Atlantic

Dr Leana Wen (Missouri & Merton 2007) was recently profiled in The Atlantic for her current work as Baltimore's Health Commissioner. The article discusses her commitment to keeping city health systems functioning at a time of increasing tensions and violence. Journalist Olga Khazan writes:

"Since January, Wen has been running one of America’s oldest and most experimental health departments, in one of the poorest cities in the country. Throughout my day with her, I learned a lot about how racial disparities and poverty pry an immense gap in the health outcomes of a community. I heard about some unusual strategies—like using ex-cons to patrol neighborhoods and break up fights—that public-health experts are employing in order to address those problems.

Also, I learned that I cannot keep up with Dr Leana Wen."