Rachel Maddow (California & Lincoln 1995) named one of the 35 most powerful people in media by Hollywood Reporter

"Maddow is the centerpiece of primetime programming on progressive cable network MSNBC. So why did she dedicate her book to Dick Cheney, the ultimate liberal villain? Simple: She wanted to have him on her show. "That was my greatest gambit," she says. "But I still don't hold much hope." 

Maddow, whose hourlong show surged in ratings during the election season and whose book, Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power, has become a best-seller, is arguably the face of MSNBC in the post-Keith Olbermann era. Her show, which has pushed topics including Obama's drone program and voting rights to the top of the national agenda, is also a breeding ground for other MSNBC stars like Chris Hayes, installed in a weeknight slot at 8." Read more at the Hollywood Reporter