Feminist Reader: April 2015

Each month, the Rhodes Project publishes a selection of articles that approach issues of gender and feminism from informed, opinionated and novel angles.  Visit the Feminist Reader to find out about women’s responses to current challenges and catch up on gender-related news from around the world.


A revisionist history of America's oldest women's prison, written by current prisoners.

For over 20 years, artist Jennifer Bermon has been asking women to look at photos of themselves and write what they see. 

Bryce Covert writes about the trend of men wanting to have children when their partners aren't so sure.  

Slate's series on family and careers takes a look at a marriage disrupted by career ambition.

There's a new generation of women composers who are making a name in classical music.

On International Women's Day, Professor Linda Scott reflects on the state of gender equality in the world.

In the New York Times, a psychiatrist warns against pathologising women's emotions.

Rhodes Scholar Natalya Din-Kariuki challenges feminist academics to do a better job of embracing intersectionality.