Can you help the Rhodes Project collect information about non-American Rhodes Scholars?

By Professor Susan Rudy

To develop our database, researchers at the Rhodes Project are collecting biographical and career information about non-American Rhodes Scholars elected 1977-1995.  Can you help?

We are particularly interested in identifying newsletters, journals, and databases created or maintained by non-American associations of Rhodes Scholars which would give us information about the following:

·       Rhodes Scholars’ partners

o     Do they have partners? Who are they? What are their partners’ occupations?  Are they Rhodes Scholars too?  How long have they been together?

·       Children

o    Do they have children?  How many?  When were they born? 

·       Rhodes Scholar’s occupations and addresses after 1995

o   The Register for Rhodes Scholars, 1903-1995 (edited by Evans 1996) lists occupations up to 1995 but we want to track scholars’ career histories from the 1980s to the present.

If you can provide any of this information, please email me at