New Video Series: Rhodes women share their wisdom

At the 110th Rhodes Reunion in September 2013, we sat down with a group of women Rhodes Scholars and asked them about some of the topics that are important to the Rhodes Project and to the equality of women in general. 

In our first instalment, we asked the Scholars: what did you wish you had known when you started your career? Check out their responses below. 

The Scholars featured in this video were: 

Susan Karamanian (Alabama & Somerville 1980). Susan is the Associate Dean for International and Comparative Legal Studies at George Washington University Law School. 

Leana Wen (Missouri & Merton 2007) is Director of patient-centered care in the Department of Emergency Medicine at George Washington University. To read Leana's profile interview with the Rhodes Project, click here

Barbara Grewe (Michigan & St Hilda's 1978). Barbara is a lawyer, most recently serving as the Senior Director of the FBI 9/11 Review Commission. 

Jenny Martin (New Zealand & Lady Margaret Hall 1993) is Head of the Princess Alexandra Hospital- Clinical School at the University of Queensland. To read Jenny's profile interview with the Rhodes Project, click here