Professor Rudy and Dr Blackmon to meet with New York literary agent Kathleen Anderson

Following an initial meeting in New York in December 2012, Professor Rudy has arranged to meet with literary agent Kathleen Anderson in London this weekend to discuss strategy for submitting a book proposal entitled Leading Women: Female Rhodes Scholars on Work and Life to various New York and London publishers.  This book will be based on Professor Rudy’s ongoing research collaboration with Dr. Blackmon and include a chapter on the ways that Rhodes women talk about negotiating their personal and professional identifies. But it will attend as well to other themes found in the data, including issues like how, whether and when Rhodes women are mentored, what their childhoods were like, what they thought of their time at Oxford, and what making a difference means to them. The aim of this book, which will be written for a general audience, will be to engage the public to think about issues of gender equality and professional success in the context of female Rhodes scholars’ life stories.