Rhodes Reunion: Focus Group held at Said Business School

In collaboration with Dr Kate Blackmon of Saïd Business School, Professor Susan Rudy organised a focus group on the  Gender Gap in Leadership  with women Rhodes Scholars elected 1977-1982. 

 Photography by Honza Cervenka

Seven Scholars attended the focus group, which was videotaped for the Rhodes Project archive.  A transcription of the Scholars' conversation will also be deposited in the archive and provide additional data for Dr Blackmon and Professor Rudy as they prepare their forthcoming book Leading Women: Rhodes Scholars and the Gender Gap in Leadership for Oxford University Press. 

Our thanks to Ramona Doyle, Danielle Fontaine and her two daughters Marie Martelly and Renee McLendon, Charalee Graydon, Barbara Grewe, Annie Haight, Susan Karamanian and Mary Murphy for taking the time to meet with us.